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We started out as a Publishing company in 2002 by Francis Kong. Since then, we've helped publish 17 of his books to date. Now we've evolved and moved to areas such as training and development in business, work and life.

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Events, Training or Seminars for Everyone

We mount yearly public runs of certain trainings and seminars like our premium program called Level Up Leadership, or big events like Power Up for Peak Performance. For more details, check out our Calendar here!

In-House Training

We also conduct trainings and seminars in companies, catering to their needs. Send us a message to know more here!

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Here's a list of our public events this year!

Live Full Die Empty with Todd HenryNov 04, 2017Reserve your seat here
Level Up LeadershipJan 16 & 17, 2018Reserve your seat here


Coming up on November 9, Thursday

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