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With an updated and upgraded lesson plan created by one of the most well respected business men, book authors and trainer in the country, Francis Kong.

Great leaders are lifelong learners. They never stop  learning.


July 17 & 18, 2019 | Seda Hotel, BGC


Course Curriculum

This 2 day seminar-workshop is a comprehensive course on leadership training designed to equip high potential leaders with effective and proven principles, behaviors and applications with the objective to develop the business organization’s most important asset – their valued people.

This is based on the philosophy that as leaders develop themselves they lead their people better and as a winning team grow the business.

This program was built for a whole two day training and workshop. All materials and food and taxes included.

It was designed to equip high potential leaders with effective and proven principles, behaviors and applications with the objective to develop the business organization’s most important asset – their valued people. Mostly appreciated by mid to high level leaders or for business owners.



People Development and Communications


Business and the world today


Great leaders bring out the best in their people

The future belongs to the young, but leaders have to equip them to handle the future.

History and the World Today

It’s often said that those who doesn’t study history is condemned to repeat the same mistakes. This first level in level up leadership will be focused on how the world of business was formed and how it led to the world today. It’s the help give us a better picture on why certain things work the way they do, the changes that were made and how we can move on and improve from these lessons learned in history. 

Business and the Organization

This next level will be focused on the organizational structures and what a person can encounter with regards to leadership in the organization.  

Your People

Now we delve into a deeper and more personal level of leadership connection. This section, we discover how we can influence our people who work directly with us. It’s a section focused on communication and influence and raising up leaders who will lead others as well. 


After knowing about history and the philosophy behind business, knowing our organization and how we can influence our people. here is the most important part of the program which is you. Leadership, as will be tackled in this program, leadership begins with you, but it’s not about you.  

Do not look at the new landscape with an old set of eyes.
The future is a foreign land and all of us are foreigners.
You and I are going to be immigrants in this land.

Join our next Culture of Personal Excellence

"Coming together is a beginning;
Staying together is a progress;
Working together is success;  
And good leaders bring all of these things together"


October 2019

What does it mean to have a “Culture of  Personal Excellence”?

In such a volatile, difficult and quick-paced environment, it is becoming harder and harder to increase and maximize our productivity. This program is designed to help people recalibrate and recharge for what's ahead by keying in on 7 key points that will target a more wholistic kind of excellence.

This program was built for one whole day but can be compressed for a half-day session.

It’s meant for people of all walks of life. Any audience would come to learn and bring home something with this program that they can apply, not just in work, but at home as well. Mostly appreciated by entry to mid-level audiences. 

What is a Culture? And what are Values?


Personal Values for Excellence


Wholistic Points for Life


Develop Healthy Habits  for Success

Start this learning journey by first discovering the true meaning of “Culture” and “Personal Excellence”

Excellent Awareness

See the abundance life can offer
Developing an entrepreneurial mindset

Excellent Worth

Know your true value and worth
Understanding team-man-ship

Excellent Control

Be responsible and make things happen
Educating IQ and EQ

Excellent Integrity

Be truthful, honest and transparent
Building a personal equity through trust and credibility 

Excellent Discipline

Work for long-term gains
Battling with the greatest enemy and developing perseverance

Excellent Expectancies

Become a life-long learner
Raising the bar of personal success

Excellent Dimension

See yourself in its totality
Your purpose, significance, and the true meaning of success

Life is like a camera…
Focus on what’s important,
Capture the good times,
Develop from the negatives,
And if things don’t work out, Take another shot.
God never run out of good things for you and me,
and every good thing comes from Him…actually!

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