Developing a 
Culture of Personal Excellence

Henry Ford says: "Coming together is a beginning;  
Staying together is a progress;
Working together is success;"
And good leaders bring all of these things together.

-Francis Kong

#MasterTheBasics happening on
November 10, 2018, 10 am to 5 pm at Santolan Town Plaza, Little Baguio, San Juan

Excellent Awareness

See the abundance life can offer
Developing an entrepreneurial mindset 

Excellent Worth

Know your true value and worth Understanding team-man-ship 

Excellent Control

Be responsible and make things happen
Educating IQ and EQ 

Excellent Integrity

Be truthful, honest and transparent Building a personal equity through trust and credibility

Excellent Discipline

Work for long-term gains
Battling with the greatest enemy and developing perseverance 

Excellent Expectancy

Become a life-long learner
Raising the bar of personal success 

Excellent Dimension

See yourself in its totality
Your purpose, significance, and the true meaning of success