With an updated and upgraded lesson plan created by one of the most well respected business men, book authors and trainer in the country, Francis Kong.


SEPTEMBER 10 & 11, 2019 | Makati Diamond Residences, Makati


Just before you start, we'd like to introduce ourselves

We know how culture is very important in a company and we'd like for you to get to know the people you might start working with. Here's a a bit about us and what we've learned in our company.

Before we begin, let me tell you a brief history of our company. It's a long history of how you can never know what God has planned for you. Hindsight truly is, 20/20.

Success Options Inc started as a Publishing company back in 2002. Back then, when Francis Kong first founded the company, he first had a vision in reaching to fellow Filipinos through good quality content found in books. Technology has yet to reach it's heights and little did anyone know that it was just at the cusp of entering a new terrain.

I remember then, I had grown up in a store my parents put up that was, at the time, way ahead of it's time. They put up a store called "Bookbarn" that sold books, was a cafe and was a computer shop all-in-one. It was a store born out of the passion that my parents had with what we now call "Continuous Education", something that, except for it's form, hasn't changed all these years.

Little did we know that a few years down the line, after going through many different things and learning much, Success Options Inc would grow in a totally different direction. It's been years and in some ways, we have changed. With so many changes in the world, it is impossible to survive wihout adapting to the changes, after all. But despite the changes, when it comes to the essentials, we still stay the same. A good blend of Quality Education and Entertainment is our goal, and a good, well kept culture of teamwork and integrity is what we strive to keep.

Now, as the daughter of the owner, I figured it would be a little unfair to talk about how it is to work for our company. I am, after all, still the daughter of the founder and the one in charge of handling our business... But maybe it would better help you get to know us better if my coworkers and associates would be the one to tell you more about what it is like working for Success Options Inc.

Who knows? We might just be the kind of family you are looking for.

Rachel Kong
Just another Kong in the family of Kongs and the youngest of 3 | CEO

"I always recognize the strengths of the people behind SOI. Most of the time, we really work as a team, because we believe that teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.

We encourage positive feedback. The team is the most important asset and biggest resource because without the employees the business could not function so it’s essential that we encouraged and inspired in a daily basis. This encourages everyone to work together to achieve better results.

We set clear and measurable goals that are framed by the vision so that each and every one can track progress and we are able to see our success in a very tangible way. Thus, this cultivates productivity and helps us to feel valued and motivated.

The team always communicate well. Part of clear goal-setting relies on effective communication. The core are great with up-to-date with what needs to be done and listen to each brilliant ideas, opinions and feedback.

SOI environment has a significant impact on our productivity, contentment and creativity.

These young generation of people made a huge difference to the organization. Beyond words, the values and ethics are admirable and truly inspiring because we collaborate and journey together as a team."

Rara Membrere
She has been working with Francis Kong for more than a decade. She's very well known by our clients and has been there with us through many things. In my opinion, she has a secret power of ogranizational talent that is given to 1 every 100 years | General Manager of Funworks Inc.

"When people I meet know where and who I work for they’d say, “Wow, you are in good hands.” Or they would ask me if I also have plans to be a speaker like Mr. Francis Kong. But first, let me tell you how I landed Success Options Inc., I was originally offered to work part time for a certain project and when I met with Sir Francis and Mam Lilia Kong to talk about it, I was then told that the part time will no longer push through and instead asked if I am interested to work with them fulltime. In a heartbeat, I said yes! My head was spinning (don’t take it literally), in my mind, I was screaming with excitement and joy like I have found a treasure. And indeed, I have and a rare one.

I’d say my time with SOI from the beginning up until today is worth it, every single minute. This might sound like I am a workaholic, but I’m not. What contributes to these are:

1. Bosses and colleagues – the number 1 reason why people leave the organization is because of their bosses. And as for me, the number 1 reason why I am with SOI is because of our superiors and our team, we have a great working chemistry: it feels like I am working with my friends thus having healthy sense of collaboration and communication.

2. Culture – if you want to know the culture of a company you are working for, just look and observe at the owners/ big bosses and you’ll know what culture you have. As for us, we are glad to be in an organization who values family, integrity, teamwork and continuous learning, SOI wouldn’t be where it is today if we have stopped learning in any way we can.

3. Growth and Continuous Improvement – growth is our own responsibility, and this is best achieved when you also have supportive and encouraging workmates.

4. Creativity and Fun – we look forward to each day because creativity and fun flows in the office, we make sure to insert happiness in every day to break the monotony in the workplace, having those two contributes to our productivity too, and it also makes us come up with crazy and brilliant ideas that might just work for our projects.

These are just few things one can experience from Success Options Inc. If you plan to join us and keeps up with the change, you might even be surprised with the things you will be discovering about yourself later like what we all have. "

April Liquete
Was there since the start of Success Options Inc's adventure in the industry of Leadership and Consultancy. A reliable and trustworthy partner of ours in our team and has the power to unintentionally make people laugh | Overall Manager of Success Options Inc

What is it like to work with SOi (what we fondly call Success Options Inc)?

"As a fresh graduate, I was so afraid of looking for a job. I may be a graduate of a well-known school but I know in myself that I’m mediocre. I’m not as good as my fellow graduates.

After multiple rejections from different companies, I was still scared to find a job that fits me. When I got interviewed by SOI, I know for sure that ”this is it!”. Why? Because the one who interviewed me was so enthusiastic to know more about me and what I do.

I felt like it was a perfect job for me. I felt like what they’re looking for, it was me! I told her that ”I expect your company has a nice and fun working environment even though (if I'm not mistaken) mostly it's about training, seminars, and development.” In my mindset, of course, it’s Google workplace I’m talking about. She explained to me na it can be fun. Sometimes there are jobs that aren't fun but we can make it fun.

True enough when I got the job, the office environment is fun. The people in the office made the environment fun. It was better than I expect it to be. Officemates are nice, thoughtful, fun to be with and most important for me, they are also believers of God. Oh I forgot, we all have something in common! WE ALL ENJOY AND LOVE EATING TOGETHER! ☺️

We’re talking about a training and seminar company so this won't be complete if I wont tell you about my growth in SOI. My self-growth is important for me that’s why I’m still here in the company.

I started my work journey here in SOI, I was terrified. Terrified to communicate to clients personal or even on a phone call. Terrified to commit wrong grammars. Terrified to commit all mistakes that are possible. I cannot express my ideas well. But as I accompany my boss during seminars and workshop to different places, I realized that I began to learn more than before when I was in college. I can now communicate in English a LOT more than I did before. I’m not afraid to communicate or talk to clients. In fact, I learned to love talking to different people! Sometimes I still get a little shy and awkward but I’m learning from my mistakes to avoid doing it again.

With that being said, I’m looking for a co-worker that’s willing to learn, adjust to the fast-paced world and experience what I experienced back when I was a newbie / fresh graduate.

Just a tip: If you’re seeking for a job, don’t expect the company to adjust to you. You have to adjust to company rules, different people, unwanted situations and then learn from it. We all wanted a fun job that we can enjoy and not be stressed but let’s face it: there’s no job like that. All we can do is to try to make it that way. 😏 "

Abby Verona
Our resident Graphic Artist and In-house singer-a-la-Sarah-Geronimo expert. She's also the second in line to assisting Francis Kong with his presenations. If Rachel cannot go Abby will be there to save the day | Multi-media artist (Strength: Graphics)

What is it like to work with SOi?

"Before I join Success Options, I was a negative person, I don't believe in my skills even I've been through a lot of freelance projects. And for me, working means just earning money.

I had many fears facing the real world and since I'm a negative person, I know that I'm weak in terms of creative side and as a person. I remembered, SOI asked my greatest weakness and my answer was communicating through English language (oral and written). Also, I'm afraid that I can't do something nice or my creativity won't spark and meet the standards of the company, because my friend who's working in SOI sets a high standard as a multimedia artist. I'm also afraid of not getting along with the team since I'm a butch and somehow introvert.

But after spending more than a year working with SOI, everything has changed. With the help of my boss (Mam Rachel), April and Abby, I began to change. Not just as an employee but as a person. I started to believe in myself that I can do something extraordinary that I haven't tried yet or I'm afraid to try. I explored my creative skills, I began to step outside the box, I started to communicate and respond to clients' emails and calls using English language. I am now exploring other things that isn't just about my degree.

This is because I have my colleagues who believe in me. Who understands my weaknesses, my fears. Who keeps on telling my mistakes for me to improve on. And who are supporting my ideas and suggestions for the betterment of our marketing collateral.

Working with SOI isn't just about earning money, isn't about having a job that's just going to work and then go home after the work is done. Working with SOI means having a family, having the feeling of belongingness. They taught me lot of values especially with family and God. Working with them means improving yourself to be better, to learn from your mistakes and to step outside the box and unleash your creativity. And working with them means having a purpose, they will always guide you in every decision you make.

Lastly, since then I started working with SOI, everyday feels different. I didn't feel so much stressed or being bored with my work. Yes I felt pressured, sleepy, tired when there's a big event but everything will gone when you see that your team is having fun, having teamwork, being positive and doing their best in their work. :)

I'm really blessed to be part of this team."

CJ Salonga
All around person in charge of videos and everything else thrown her way aka at iba pa. She and Abby are always up to something (either something new and innovative or something mischievous). Also in charge of making sure there's food in the office | Multi-media Artist (Strength: Video)


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