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Francis Kong

President & Founder 
Francis Kong

One of the most respected business speakers in the country. He has been featured in many company leadership conferences here and abroad. 

A household name for leadership training. A man is known for preaching what he practices and for his many "Hugotation" posts. From ballrooms to boardrooms, broadcast to print, publishing to live engagements, get to know more about Francis by following his social media links, or watching the video below.

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Francis Kong started Success Options Inc as a publishing company in 2002 and expanded into training and consultancy in 2015.
Since then, we have published 24 books and counting, as well as moving to create inspirational content through different forms of media.

Success Options Inc (SOI) has now evolved and moved to create specialized inspirational content in the business, work, and life.

The Quick Take On Our 
Half or Whole-Day
Training Programs.

A brief take on our immersive training programs customized for you.

Level Up: The Excellence Advantage

For you.

  • Excellent Awareness - Seeing the abundance life can offer.
  • Excellent Worth - Knowing his true worth and value.
  • Excellent Control - Taking ownership and making things happen.
  • Excellent Integrity - On a wholistic character.
  • Excellent Expectancies - An optimistic outlook in life.
  • Excellent Discipline - A persistence to do the daily grind.
  • Excellent Dimension - The totality of the person outlook in life.

This unique program is designed to provide you with the essential attitudes, values, and insights that lead to true excellence. Discover how to tap into your inherent potential and elevate your performance in all aspects of life. Whether you're aiming to enhance your career, entrepreneurial pursuits, or personal development, this course offers a holistic approach to help you succeed. Join us in exploring a path of meaningful advancement and unlock the door to lasting positive change.

Living & Leading Productivity for Outstanding Performance

For you and your team.

  • Be motivated and stay motivated the scientific way.
  • Listening to the 5 key internal voices that speak to us all the time.
  • Pursue passion purpose and productivity.
  • Fire up your passion.
  • Increase your productivity.
  • Live a life of purpose.
  • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

How to maximize your productivity at work and home to lead and live a constructive and effective life.

Level Up: Leadership Masterclass

For you, your team & organization.

  • Session 1: The Core of Leadership
  • The philosophy of leadership.
  • Understanding the present & anticipating the future
  • Session 2: Critical Leadership Skills
  • On Leadership and change.
  • Understanding the critical leadership skills needed for the future.
  • Session 3:Leadership Communications & Engagement
  • Understanding the different generations and their mindsets
  • Learning tips on how to communicate and get to know our people better.

Francis Kong's premium leadership program offers timely, wise, and practical teachings on upgrading and updating leadership skills relevant to the changing times.

This program helps shape leaders of today to become equipped with the right leadership tools for the change that is happening on a day-to-day basis.

Level Up Leadership program is also a part of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) Accredited Learning and Development Institution. It has been thoroughly updated by Francis Kong, equipping us for the accelerated changes in business, so we can not just survive but thrive in these unprecedented times of economic and technology-driven landscape.

Materials for activities, manuals, case studies, and more are included.

Intended Audience: Middle Executives, High Potential Candidates, For Possible Promotions, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners, Salesforce, and the Next Generation of Professionals.

Other Topic & Programs

A talk made specifically for leaders and how they can communicate effectively during this new environment of change.

How to lead during a crisis and building the right toolkit to better lead your team through a crisis.

A message made for all who encounter trials.

How to live a great life no matter what circumstance we are faced with, or are in. Usually clients choose this topic to help prepare their organization for some sort of transition or change.

Money management tips for the new era.

Learning the "Whys" and "Whats" of discipline and success before learning the "Hows" of developing this mindset.

The importance of managing change and learning to pivot for development and growth.

An entrepreneurial mindset is not just for business owners. Everyone should embody this kind of mentality, be agile and seeks to own ideas and responsibilities in work and life.

A talk that focuses on navigating challenging times with effective principles of leading the self, leading others and living life with purpose and meaning.

A preparation to get businesses and career with the right mindset to grow and succeed in the new Post-Covid Economy.


Boost your learning experience with customized and personalized training and content. We tailor-fit your learning to suit your needs with relevant and relatable case studies to meet your full potential and goals.


Fill out our specially created form.


Our team will contact you to schedule the training needs analysis with our trainer.


Coordinate and finalize the schedule for the event or training date.


Our trainer or speaker to conduct talks explicitly specialized for your organization based on the training needs analysis done before.


Please send us feedback or a review here so we can make the next ones better!


To create and reimagine training programs and content that are relevant and relatable, fully maximizing and elevating the learning experience of our participants.

The build.

Creating flexible and personalized training to meet the unique needs of every learner.


For a fully live-streamed or recorded video training session. This is usually for clients who opt for a more convenient, cost-effective, and risk-averse session.

On Ground Face-To-Face

This is the term we usually use for a physical type of event or training session. It's usually preferred by clients who want to mount a more present and engaging event. 

Hybrid Webinar + On Ground Face To Face

A combination of webinars and on-ground face-to-face events or training programs and by far the most flexible of all of the training builds. This allows a wider reach for the audience as well as gives the clients a "cushion" for unforeseen circumstances.

Brand Ambassadorship

A partnership for representation between our founder and the client's brand. For a period of time, the client, our company, and our founder, Francis Kong, will work together to post content on the specified social media channels that best fit their voice or product.

Build inclusions.



On Ground
(Face to Face)

Technical support for online live streaming.

Technical support and assistance for live talk to handle the presentations.

Transportation to venue.

Dedicated Internet with backup internet in Success Options Studio.

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